Facebook Marketing Newbie Guidelines [Part 1]

Facebook Marketing Newbie Guidelines [Part 1]

Facebook is the most popular and widely used social media platform in this world. Now, it’s popularity is very high in all country of the world. Facebook marketing is done by promoting an organization, product or service to the user through Facebook. A Facebook user can do this himself or through a Facebook Marketer. Simply putting the ad and placing the ad on Facebook, is called Facebook Marketing. You can place any kind of ad on Facebook paying money. These types of ads normally appear on your Facebook timeline, sponsored posts of different products, and on the right side of your Facebook dashboard; you can see various product’s images or offers and those are called Facebook ads.


Why do select Facebook Marketing:


We all know the history and current situation of Facebook. Mark Zuckerberg is the founder and CEO of Facebook. Facebook started its journey in 2004. After starting the journey, Facebook no longer had to look back. According to the survey of Facebook, the monthly active users of Facebook is now 2 billion. The daily number of Facebook users is 1.6 billion. The number of users who use Facebook on mobile is 1.7billion! The number of photo uploads on Facebook is 300 million daily. The average time spends per visitor is 20 minutes on Facebook. Every single minute; 6,00,000 comments, 3,00,000 status and 1,50,000 pictures are uploaded on Facebook. 16 million local business pages have been created on Facebook. 42% of business people think Facebook is their main business tool. 50% of users aged between 18-24 use Facebook due to of waking up or it is said that they wake up on Facebook. According to an analysis, the use of Facebook curry increases at a rate of 17% every year and it is steadily increasing.


Think of it, as the active user of Facebook is almost 20 million; there are 10 million users who use what’s app, and 20 million users of Twitter users there, if you do not do  market on Facebook, where can you find such a large number of customers for advertising? Another part of Facebook that is Instagram which has 60 billion users.


Now let’s see what I can do if I do marketing on Facebook without using any other analog marketing feature:


Facebook ads from banners, boards, billboards, festoons, paper, radio, or TV ads are far so important – they produce more results at a lower cost. You can get the highest level of marketing through the feature Facebook Ads. Facebook marketing allows you to instantly check your marketing results and in case of emergency you can close your running ads and advertise in new ways. Marketing  in Facebook allows you to get review your results. The advertising cost in Facebook is very low. Because of the touch of social media, specially Facebook, almost everyone  are connected so anyone can easily exchange their thoughts and messages to one another. Online presence is being targeted for all institutions, Government public or private, big or small, so campaigning for everyone is very important to get success in business at present. The main reason is you may come to Facebook for advertising and is  the possibility of more promotion at a lower cost. Whether you own a startup business or a large company, Facebook is an significant marketing tool where you can send your message to people of all ages, from all levels to retentive customers or mounting your brand campaign. Can there be no alternative to Facebook promotion to create a brand?


What is Marketing?


Marketing is the linking between a general public’s material necessities and its financial examples of reaction. Showcasing fulfills these supplies and needs through trade measures and building long haul connections. It is the way toward imparting the estimation of an item or management through situating to clients.


Marketing is the plan to build relations through the funnel and create value and sell for a extended time. Boost with this dollar and the sale is not like that. Make value and then up-sell it from the 1st merchandise. And receiving from one customer to another.


So that, You should not run behind the boosting price with the real advertising plan and show the extended game. Though instant sales are low, you will be the first to run in the forthcoming.

How To Do Facebook Marketing?


We have conversed in point about Facebook marketing so far. This time we will let you know how to do marketing. I myself have separated by Facebook marketing obsessed by 2. The first one can be waged, or the second one is remunerated or the dealer can support.


What is Facebook Boosting?


A Facebook Boosting post is a kind of paid advertisement on Facebook advancing a current post from a commercial page. Facebook Boost Posts strengthen the compass of your material to appear to a more extensive scope of your envisioned interest group outside of those who as of now follow your page.


We are all boosting. It is also accurate that many people get many good results by boosting. Many are dissatisfied. The major thing is boosting has no plan – except to go viral. Cold traffic does not pull in without just a hot customer. It’s too many sales are missed and they are sold from anywhere else.

Life Hacks: At least once in a day, we login into Facebook, like and comment on other user’s pictures, share various posts in our own profile, talk with friends on Messenger. In addition to this, a small online startup can be built on Facebook which is consist of 2.32 billion users. Facebook can become your foundation of income through thousands of ways like creating different fan pages, making videos, developing Facebook games, online shops.


Our today’s content is about :

“What is the easiest way to make money?”


“How to make money sitting at home?”


“I wish there was a way to get some money.”


Let’s find out the ways to make cash from Facebook.


Facebook page

When we look at Facebook, we are amazed by the thousands of pages. A Facebook page with quality content  will easily control the timeline of many.


In order to make money from the Facebook page. Firstly you have to create a page on Facebook. In this case, your own interests, as well as the safeties of others, should be given importance. Facebook pages can be of any category. For example: food examination, travel page, newscast portal, or any up-to-the-minute troll page.


The main part of a Facebook page is content. The satisfactoriness of your page to this huge number of Facebook users depends on the content. Any superiority and well-described content is very supportive in producing responses among good users. There are several steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. E.g.


Make a exact website for your fan page. Taking a website lengthways with a Facebook page is pretty useful. These websites will have detailed imageries of your content. You can use Blogspot, WordPress, or Weebly to make a website. To overwhelmed some of the limits of the free domain, you can spend a little money to create your own website.

 Google has a program named “AdSense”, which is broadly used universal to make coinage from websites. AdSense’s job is to run ads for different businesses on the website and in return pay a certain amount of money to the website’s operators. We frequently see thousands of advertisements on different websites and you can use these on your website by totaling Google AdSense. As a result, you can start making money with your Facebook page’s website.

It is very important to bring up-to-date the new content on the Facebook page frequently. If you upload more and more content, your page will continuously catch the eye of new persons, and the amount of like-comment-share will also increase fast.


In terms of income from Facebook, you need to make sure that the content you share is not alike to any other object. Because many Facebook pages have their own patent. In many cases, the stealing of articles also hail from to the fore by reportage. If the content is proven to be correct, the Facebook authorities directly remove those posts.

The conclusion of creating your page on Facebook, the culmination of making content. Now we have to move on the way to selling the content or posts. There is an online website called shopsomething.com where you can trade your Facebook posts. Here you need to open your own account and set a specific worth for apiece post on your fan page. You will be able to acquisition these posts with a static amount of money and later use these posts, post pictures for various advertisements. In the case of pricing, care must be taken at the beginning of the post otherwise no one will be attentive. So it is better to refrain from asking extreme prices.


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