Copywriting: Market of Present Freelance Article Writing

Copywriting: Market of Present Freelance Article Writing

As a Freelancer, Copywriting, Ghost writing or Article and Blog Post works are comparatively available. Most of the works are in English. Besides, translation to other languages is also available for Freelancing. Market of Present Freelance Article Writing. Every day, many websites are being created. So the availability of work is abundant. The subject anyone likes, he or she can work on the subject. Still the question is:

How good are the Freelancers?

The main source of outsourcing is USA. They are facing economic depression for a long time. Many has lost jobs and moved to Freelancing. As a result, competition is rising. Many offer $1 for 250-300 words’ article. For 500 words, it is $2. Although it is right that good articles don’t come this cheap but they don’t expect that either. Mainly editing a few words or using a few keywords to fill-up the web page is their main target. If you have habit to write in English, you can write some articles easily and fill-up a site.

Still, those who have been doing Freelancing for a long time are complaining because of this continuous reducing of payment. Many are looking for a job. Many have already shifted from Freelancing.

Market of article writing:

A point to be noted here, you can’t survive in USA by earning $2 per article. In Bangladesh or India, many are happy with this chance. Because the lifestyle cost is low. You can live easily by earning $500 each month.
As Freelancing don’t have any geographical boundary, many are at competition here. Many are working for copywriting from Asia, South America, Africa and many other regions. Rather Bangladesh is competitively lacking behind. The main reason is the level of English here. After this, the reasons can be pointed as weak internet connection, less interest in communication, weak banking channels and payment system etc.

Another big reason is that, Bangladesh don’t have own need for copywriting. In other countries, people try 2/3 years to establish a website. In Bangladesh, most expect to earn from website within 2 months. As a result, copywriting is limited within a few people. Another one: Market of Present Freelance Article Writing.
We can also find another picture. Those who write topic based article, they have increased their rate of works. They are getting positive feedback here too. They work less here but earn more.

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This is another side of the competition. If there are higher competitions, the quality of works also go down. As a result, they are taking chances. According to their strategy, they are doing fine.
If you are working as a Copywriter or if you are interested to become one, you should follow others’ experience. As competitions are rising, availability of works is also rising.

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