How to create backup for WordPress Website?

How to create backup for WordPress Website?

Right now, to make a Blog site, we do not use anything else other than WordPress.
Using WordPress, making a Blog site is easy. Still, the possibility of your site being hacked as easy the creation process itself.

For this, thinking about Security & Privacy of a WordPress Website is rather important.
While we are talking about the security of the website, we must also think about “WordPress Website Backup”.
But speaking the truth, we do not think much about Backing Up WordPress Website.
Let’s see. WordPress is a “CMS Software”.

To use this software, we need a web hosting server.
In the server, we have all types of Files, Data, Database and everything else of our WordPress Website. For this reason, your whole website can face peril at any time.
Because, the hosting server is NOT actually under your control.
For this, in the future, web hosting related problems may find ways to occur to your website too.
For example,

  • Your hosting company has stopped doing business.
  • At any time, the hosting company can suspend your website.
  • The Hosting Server may get hacked.
  • You may find data and files of the website have been removed.
  • Data and Files may get corrupted.
  • The whole website may get hacked.

If any of the above problems happen to your WordPress Website, then the website may get totally disabled at any point.
To bring back the good times for your website may get impossible because of them.
What we never want is that, such problems may occur to your website in the future.
But you have to take some precautions to save your precious website from these problems. Wordpress backup website


To save the WordPress Website, there is only one way –
“To take Backup of your website from time to time”
There are many ways to take backup of your own WordPress website.
Let’s see all the ways associated with “How to take Backup of your own WordPress website.”
Why is it so important to take backup of WordPress website?
We have told earlier, in future, if we face any problems for the website, then we can bring it back to its old status through a backup file.
While we do Backup of the WordPress website, we can save each and every file, database, media, posts, plugins, themes etc. in our cloud storage or computer as a zip file.
As a result, when our website gets hacked or we face any kind of problems in our website, we can just restore the “Backup File” and we can bring back the old good website.
By keeping a backup of your full website, you can do blogging without any fear.
All of a sudden if the hosting server is blocked or the hosting company suspends your account, you can save your website by the “Backup File”.
On such situations,
You can buy another hosting from another service provide company and restore the whole website from that Backup file.
So, no harm will be done to your website after all.
But, if you don’t have any backup file of your website, you will not be able to restore your website in the case of your Hosting Company stops doing business or your accounts gets suspended.
In that situation, you have to buy a new domain, hosting, write new contents and create a totally new website and run it.
So, hope now you understand why it is so important to create Backup of your website.

Three Ways to take full Backup of a WordPress Website

We can use these three systems to take full Backup of WordPress Website-

  • WordPress Backup Plugin
  • Server Level Backup through Web Hosting Company
  • Manually download file through FTP

Among above systems, the easiest and most used medium is taking Backup through “WordPress Backup Plugin”.

Let’s get to know the ways in depth,

WordPress is very famous for Plugins. To add new features and functions, WordPress keeps plugins in its Plugin Directory.Social Sharing Plugins for WordPress are the bests and among them, some are absolutely free to use –

  • You just need to click “Add new Plugin” from your “WordPress Dashboard”.
  • Then you need to search, install and activate one of the best following backup plugins.
  • After this, click the “Backup” option in the Plugin and take the whole Backup of the Website.
  • Then, according to need, you can Click “Restore” and fully restore the whole website.

You can download and save the Backup files in your Computer or in your Google Drive Storage.

Now, let’s know about the 4 free WordPress Backup Plugin.
Following are the best Plugins for creating WordPress backup. 

  • UpdraftPlus
  • Duplicator
  • All-in-one WP Migration
  • BackWPup

Let’s know about the Plugins in details:

UpdraftPlus Backup plugin

I use the UpdraftPlus Backup Plugin myself.
This is the best WordPress Plugin you may find for your Backup.
With this Plugin you can back up all types of file, data, plugin, theme and database of your whole website and save them at your own personal computer or any cloud storage like Google Drive or Dropbox etc.
The whole process takes only one click of your Mouse.
When you click the “Backup” button, it will automatically back up the whole website. Again, if necessary, when you click “restore”, the whole website can be restored.
If you want, you can even set up “Automatic Backup”.
If you do “Automatic Backup”, it will take care of the backup by calculating your Day, Week or Month itself.
If you only use UpdraftPlus, you can do your blogging without thinking about any problems.
It is totally free and it can be easily used to transfer your website effectively from one hosting service to other.

Duplicator WordPress Backup Plugin

Duplicator Plugin mainly make a copy, clone, move or migrate any WordPress website.
Especially, we can transfer a website from one hosting to another hosting server with this plugin.
For this reason, this can also be counted as one of the best free Backup Plugins.
You can also create a copy or clone of your WordPress website and download to your personal computer with this plugin.

And, in the future, if any problem occurs to your site, you can restore your website with your “Installer File” and “Archive File” saved previously at your Personal Computer with the help of Duplicator Plugin.
Even, if you transfer your hosting to another Hosting company, you can restore these Backup files by installing WordPress. At that time you will find your own Website’s file, theme, data-base, images and contents etc.
As a result, Duplicator WordPress Plugin’s Backup file can turn the harmed website to its old good status again.

All-in-One WP Migration

Without any kind of technical knowledge, you can export all Data, files, images, articles, themes, plugins and database of your Blog with this simple WordPress Plugin.
At any time, you can Back up your WordPress site and At any time, you can Restore your website with this plugin.
Using this plugin, you can save all files and database in a single file and download at your personal computer.
So, if any problem occurs with your website in the future, you can restore your whole website through the file and All-in-One WP Migration.
Normally, the plugin mainly used for transferring your website from one hosting to another.
For this reason, using this plugin as a Backup Plugin is very beneficial.
Eventually, if you find your server being blocked or your hosting account is suspended, then you can buy a new hosting from another hosting company and Restore the full website there.
Using this plugin, you can back up your WordPress blog site totally free.

While we are talking about WordPress Website Backup, BackWPup is a very useful Plugin.
This will take back up for each and everything of your WordPress Blog like “Database”, “WP XML export”, “Files”, “Contents” and even Plugins.
We can save the backup files with this plugin at FTP server, Google storage, Dropbox and everywhere else.

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