Learning To Live a Healthier Lifestyle-Some More Great Tips

Learning To Live a Healthier Lifestyle-Some More Great Tips


At times, you feel you have done everything; ate sensibly, kept a good diet, did enough exercise
and meditated daily, and now you are tired and find it impossible to carry on. What are the
reasons for the sudden lack of energy?

Follow these great tips and enjoy a healthier lifestyle:

  • Turn off the idiot box: Turn your TV off. Get off the couch and into an exercise routine.
    Many diseases have sedentary lifestyle as their base, so why risk it. 30 minutes or so of
    any fitness program works wonders on your body and keep you feeling well and fit.
    A special vegetable: Having a sudden bout of high blood pressure, or is it constantly high
    despite medicines? Make a glass of beetroot juice and see the difference. This tip comes from a
    reliable medical school that advises drinking half a litre of it.
  • Get those minerals:
    Magnesium, potassium, and calcium to fight off high blood pressure, so get it from your food.
    Your body needs many more, so check with a dietician or your doctor.

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Control stress, anger and salt to lower BP

Stress and anger raise your BP, so go slow on these emotions. Limit total salt intake to six
grams a day because higher quantities can raise blood pressure.

Hug your stress away: Give your partner an embrace, it will not just tickle the heart, it will do it
good too. It brings down blood pressure and lowers Cholesterol – the stress producing hormone

levels. A higher level of Cholesterol is associated with heart problems, other illnesses and

Make hay while the sun shines: 

Get your daily dose of vitamin D in the natural sunshine. This
vitamin fights heart disease, feelings of depression, osteoporosis, and some forms of cancer.
So, get your supply of sunshine and the earlier in the morning the better, as post noon sunrays
are harmful.
Daily dose of fruits and vegetables: In a large study undertaken they found that daily intake of
a portion of fresh fruit and vegetables lessen the risk of early death by any disease by one fifth;
not canned pineapple or peach.
healthier lifestyle Delay your departure: You can postpone your departure to the next life, and live longer by
around 15 years by doing the following: Studies have shown that it is eminently possible.

  1. Quit cigarettes
  2. Follow a regular exercise program.
  3. Take alcohol in moderate quantities and
  4. Consume four to five portions of vegetables and fruits daily.


4 Steps for healthier lifestyle 

Laugh it all off: Finally keep a positive frame of mind and you will literally laugh away heart
disease. Negative feelings, carrying hurt, and sadness, isolation all contributes to heart disease. healthier lifestyle tips and tricks
University researchers have found this to be a miracle cure for emotional and physical pain. In
every situation you encounter daily there’s a reason to make you laugh so go ahead and have a
hearty laugh. Only laugh at situations, not people.

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